Why would you ride Envy Boxed Ends?

On: 7 July 2018 

What are Scooter deck boxed ends?  A boxed end is a square back drop out on a scooter deck.
Boxed ends/Square dropouts have become the trend in scooters whether you use them for what they’re designed for or not.
What’s the advantage and benefits of the Scooter deck Boxed Ends?

Firstly, It strengthens the rear dropouts.  Without them, the deck drop outs will bend over time if you’re doing a lot of grinding combinations or doing big impact tricks that hit the dropouts.
Secondly, it also helps you slide better, the Envy Boxed Ends are made of a steel covered by Nylon which allows for a smoother or more buttery grind while keeping everything solid!
Worst case scenario, you’re not stuck with the Envy Boxed Ends as they are removable, however they are designed to fit Envy Scooter Decks only..


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