Will Apex Bol Bars fit on my Envy KOS?

The answer is YES, Apex Bol Bars can be fitted on to an Envy KOS complete scooter. But , it’s important to make sure everything you’re purchasing, will work together correctly. Some products won’t work with certain products, sometimes little extras or other parts need to be used or changed to make it work correctly,  so it’s important to make sure. An example is if you want Apex bol bars to fit your Envy KOS, you need to get an Apex HIC bol bar & an Apex IHC-HIC conversion shim. This is because the standard Apex Bol Bar bar won’t fit straight onto the original IHC shim, the Apex HIC bol bar will fit nicely onto the IHC-HIC shim & you’ll have no issues. When you do this conversion the dust cap from your headset is not able to be refitted, but that it OK, the scooter still functions perfectly.  Its all reversible as well so you can go back to the original Envy bars later on if you want to, just keep hold of the IHC shim and dustcap ! All these products are available instore & online at Numfish!