PROTO WHEELS - Gripper VS Slider

By: Numfish   On: 15 September 2018 

We’ve personally been selling Proto Wheels since Numfish opened the doors.
Proto Wheels are made in the U.S, so you’re assured a good quality wheel.
They’re a performance wheel made for intermediate – advanced riders, what does that mean?
Although they’re a more expensive wheel, it doesn’t make them ‘necessarily tougher’ than other wheels,
Performance wheel meaning the feeling of riding a Proto is like no other, It’s like comparing a Ferrari to your everyday car.
Overall, they’re not the best choice for riders new to the sport who are constantly landing their tricks sideways!
If you’re the intermediate – advanced rider wanting Protos, which do you get?
The Sliders are a harder rubber, making them tougher & a more durable wheel.
The Grippers are a softer rubber, which gives a smoother & faster feel which overall feels nicer.
If you’re tossing up between the two, if you have a clean style doing more flow style tricks, the gripper is for you! If you’re a bigger rider or do higher impact riding then the Slider wheel is going to perform better in your favour.
Both Grippers & Sliders are a good option which only varies slightly in the PU.
They’re available instore & online at Numfish in limited quantities.


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