Root Industries Air Deck Overview

By: Numfish   On: 10 August 2018 

The Root Industries Air Deck has arrived!

Coming in a range of colours & sizes, this deck will cater to all riding styles. 
The colourways consisting of Black, Mirror, Gold, Rocket Fuel & Blue Ray, which comes in a Small, Medium, Large & XL,
The medium sized being the most preferred at 4.8 x 20.5 inches.
So what sets this deck out from the rest? Other than it being a deck that has a lovely designed forged head tube,
It has some features that majority of decks are yet to have. The flat bottom is a new feature which is praised amongst the rider doing grinds & slides, aswell as the sides of this deck not tapering in.
What’s the advantage?

There is the same width on the bottom as the top of the deck, which allows for more grind room on the bottom, which will help with 50s & 5’0 tricks. Another great feature, the deck comes with a standard flex brake & a fender brake! Both brakes are 120mm wheel compatible & will work with 30mm wheel with some modifying.  
Root has created a deck packed with great features to compliment all styles of riding.
The Root Air Deck is now available, instore & online at Numfish Scooters.

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