Numfish Surf & Scoot FAQs

Where are you based and can I shop in-store?

Numfish Surf & Scoot is a surf shop based in Geelong – and yes – we’d love you to visit us in-store! Numfish owners Aaron and Charlotte pride themselves on providing great customer service and high-quality surf products at affordable price points for families and serious surfers looking for value for money. All products are available in-store.

Can you help me choose a surfboard to suit my skill level?

We’d love to help you choose a surfboard to suit your skill level and we have an extensive standard range of surfboards to suit different skill levels. From soft-top surfboards and longboards for beginners through to fibreglass surfboards for the more experienced surfer, we’ll make sure you leave with a board you’ll be comfortable with.

Are all your products available online and where do you deliver?

All Numfish products are available online and we deliver Australia-wide! Whether you need a new longboard or simply some surf wax, nothing is too big or too small to be delivered wherever you are. Of course you are welcome to visit us in our Geelong-based surf shop and we do ask that you remember that while our gift vouchers can be purchased online, they can only be redeemed in-store. Happy shopping!

What is the difference between your types of surfboards?

  • Softboards/soft-top surfboards – best suited to children as these types of boards are lightweight and safer in terms of causing potential injury.
  • Composite softboards – best suited to children with a higher skill level as well as adults learning to surf. Features a hard core and soft exterior.
  • Fibreglass surfboards – best suited to more experienced surfers who are confident tackling the surf with a harder and heavier board.
  • Longboards – these surfboards are great for learners as they are much easier to stand up on due to their larger – and more stable – nature.

Are Numfish products available for wholesale purchase?

Absolutely! We have wholesale surfboards for sale as well as our other Numfish-branded products. If you’re interested in stocking Numfish surfboards, bodyboards and surf accessories, please contact us!