How do I put grip tape on my scooter?

By: Numfish Surf & Scoot   On: 28 August 2017 

When you peel your grip tape off its paper backing, the bottom will be sticky & will stick straight onto your scooter deck assuming it’s all clean!  The tricky part is cutting the excess grip off, we stick the grip tape onto your deck & rough the edges with an allen key so you can then see the outline of the deck  through the grip tape, then go along the edges with a Stanley blade to cleanly cut off the excess to the exact shape of the deck.  We don’t recommend young kids to try this, and because all grip tape designs will need to be trimmed in some way, as every deck & grip tape design are different sizes and shapes so we are more than happy to do yours at Numfish for you when you buy your new grip tape! So come on down, to Numfish!


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