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Based in Geelong, sending boogie boards Australia-wide

For many, a love of surfing stems from a love of bodyboarding. From that first boogie boarding experience a love for catching waves is ignited and from there it is almost impossible to ignore!

The best part is, you are never too old or too young to own – and thoroughly enjoy – a bodyboard. Everyone’s seen toddlers being pulled through the shallows by their parents, a look of absolute joy on their little faces as they clutch onto their beloved boogie board.

Then there’s the more serious bodyboarders who swim out to the break, bodyboard firmly secured to their wrist, flippers on, ready to body surf some serious waves – with a little help from a quality board, of course. You don’t have to possess the coordination skills of a surfer to enjoy boogie boarding, if you can paddle, float and swim – well you’re basically a pro!

The humble boogie board is an Australian icon in its own right and no coastal family holiday is complete without equal board-to-body ratios! You can browse and buy the Numfish range of children’s and adult’s bodyboards in Geelong at the Numfish Surf & Scoot surf shop or online now with delivery Australia-wide. If you’re keen to try standing up, check out the range of surfboards and softboards too. If you have any questions about our bodyboards please contact us.