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Children’s wetsuits, surfboard fins, bags, wax, leashes and grips!

If you need children’s wetsuits and surfboard bags in a hurry before your next family holiday or have simply run out of surf wax, you can get all the surf gear you need online with delivery Australia-wide. Numfish Surf & Scoot is a manufacturer and surf shop in Geelong stocking an extensive range of kids’ wetsuits, surfboard fins, surfboard bags, surf wax, surfboard leashes, grips and more.

Keep your surfboard in peak condition and enjoy the waves safely with our accessories, designed to keep you on the board, in the water and enjoying the swell. Whether you’re a grommet or experienced surfer, the Numfish range of children’s wetsuits will keep you warm and protected from the elements. Padded bags protect your surfboard or bodyboard from scratches, dints and cracks, so you can strap your prized possession onto the roof racks and head down the coast with peace of mind your board is protected as best as possible.

The range of accessories also includes soft fins for softboards or kids’ boards and fibreglass fins for the more serious surfer, deck and tail pad grips with riser for proper grip at the tail-end of the board.

If you need help with your selection, feel free to contact us to ask questions or if you’re in Geelong, stop by the store and chat with the friendly and experienced staff. We’ll be able to tell you what length your surfboard leash should be in relation to the size of your board, which bag would best suit your board and which fins you need!