Scooter Deck

By: Numfish  

Is simply the part of the scooter were the riders feet go !  A scooter deck size can range from 4 to 5.5 inches wide & 19 to 23 inches long.   Riders will want enough footspace on the deck to suit your foot size and anything bigger then that is simply a preference.  Every scooter deck we stock at Numfish is a high quality deck, the rider just has to pick the correct one to suit what they want and need (size, weight & overall feel).

Its important to note that all scooter decks come with a brake, rear axle and spacers, this is because each deck in different to another, so these parts are needed to suit that specific deck.

Lastly, all scooter decks need to have headset bearings installed so the handlebars can spin.  95% of decks are ‘intergrated’, this means the place where the bearings are inserted is machined nicely to have sealed bearings inserted easily.  The other 5% of decks are normally only associated with cheap or entry level complete scooters where by bearing cups and old style caged bearings are used.