Scooter Wheels

Scooter wheels come in three different standard sizes, 100mm, 110mm to 120mm.  The size refers to the overall diameter of the wheel rubber.

Wheels are generally available in pairs only. A wheels consists of a rim where 2 bearings are fitted in to it, and with the rubber (Polyurethane) fixed to the rim. Sorry, but cant buy just the rubber part, its manufactured as one unit. Most wheels have bearings pre-fitted, but not all the time.

The scooter fork, deck and brake will determine what size wheel can be used on the scooter.  This is because there has to be enough room for the wheel to be fitted and for it to spin freely and not get stuck on the brake, fork or deck.

The main thing to consider when picking wheels is strength, weight, size, softness & looks.  Many brands offer different options and styles, so it can be best to discuss options with us at Numfish to help you pick the most suitable wheels for you.