Whats the best Scooter deck for me?

By: Numfish Surf & Scoot   On: 10 August 2017 

The best scooter deck for you is based off your own opinion, as everyone thinks different & wants different things out of a deck. Some riders look for lightweight, some prefer the strength & others are chasing a particular size. There are plenty of scooter decks on the market to fit your needs & it comes down to style of riding, preference and budget. 
Decks vary from $100-$500, so once you’ve picked a rough budget then you’ll have an idea of what options suit your price range best. Park style riders tend to lean towards a smaller lightweight deck & street/tech riders doing grinds will lean towards a bigger deck for more stability & comfort. 
Decks can range between 4 – 5.5 inches wide & 19.5 – 23 inches long! We are more than happy to assist you further at Numfish, we have a variety of scooter decks & if we don’t stock what you’re after, we can get it for you! Just email, message or drop in to our store & we can help. 


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