When should you start planning what scooters you want for Christmas?

On: 27 September 2017 

September is only 3 months away from Christmas! That seems like you’ve got plenty of time, except that time flies past quickly.   It’s always better to get in early to avoid disappointment, we have learnt from previous years that scooter parts and more so scooter completes’ options become limited in December.  We’ve had customers come in early December wanting a specific scooter & having to tell them they’re sold out until next year.  We don’t like to disappoint any customer, that’s why we recommend you get in sooner rather than later and Pre order, or place laybys.  Some of our highest selling completes such as the Envy KOS  & Sacrifice Flytes in Neochrome colourways were gone before the busy month of December even started. If you’re interested in knowing the availability of any complete scooter or scooter part, you can call us or visit our store in Moolap, Geelong.  We are happy to arrange things in advance for you to avoid disappointments in December.

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